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Billing Policy Update:

At Byford Family Practice, we are passionate about providing a service which allows our patients to prioritise their health, and in doing so we will continue to bulk bill patients on the weekdays 9am-5.30pm with a valid Medicare Card.

As of the 05/09/2022, we will be transitioning to Mixed Billing on the weekdays 7am-9am and Saturdays 1pm-5pm only (Excluding children aged 16 and under or any person who holds a valid pension Concession Card or Health Care Card Irrespective of Age). Medicare rebates apply and we can process the rebate via Medicare online Claiming. The rebate amount will appear in your nominated bank account generally within 24-48 hours. Medicare rebates will vary depending on the time and duration of the consultation. We have introduced these changes due to the gap between the rebate increases, and inflation rising, it has become more difficult to maintain a viable business by bulk billing all patients.

However, for any minor procedures (including excisions, biopsies, iron infusions, Implanon Insertions / Removal, IUD Removals) will incur a private fee. Payments are to be made on the day and our preferred method is Eftpos /Credit Card.

Services that are not covered by Medicare include Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Pre-Employment, Drivers License Fitness to Drive Medicals and Trotting Medicals. There will be a fee for these services, please contact the clinic directly to discuss costs.

Private Fees apply to all New patients Monday to Saturday (Excluding children aged 16 and under) on your initial appointment. Thereafter will be bulk billed in accordance to our billing policy.

We will continue to Bulk bill patients from 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.


Type of Appointment Fee Medicare Rebate
Standard Consultation Level B $65.00 $39.75
Long Consultation Level C $105.00 $76.95
Prolong Consultation Level D $140.00 $113.30


Type of Appointment Fee Medicare Rebate
Standard Consultation Level B $75.00 $51.80
Long Consultation Level C $120.00 $88.80
Prolong Consultation Level D $150.00 $124.50


Type of Appointment Fee Medicare Rebate
Short Consultation
(under 6 mins)
$65.00 $18.20
Standard Consultation
(Lasting at least 6 mins or more)
$66.00 $39.75


Failure to attend / Late Cancellation Policy

Our Weekend After Hours Consultation Fee Structure is below:

There is an increasing demand for bulk billing appointments and due to the high number of non-attendances and late cancellations for GP appointments; to ensure equal access of care, we wont charge you for the first DNA however we will charge, if you miss 2 or more appointments or cancel less than 2 hours prior to your appointment.

Until this account is settled, your access to services at this practice will be suspended. An indefinite suspension may be issued to repeat offenders. There are many wasted appointments each day and this decision has been made to encourage attendance and adequate cancellation notice to allow access for other patients awaiting medical care.

For more information, give our friendly staff a call on 08 9525 0123

Communication Policy

To maintain efficient communication, our staff strive to ensure all incoming / returning calls are attended to in a prompt and professional manner. Our emails are monitored thoroughly throughout the day and will be responded to throughout the day or by close of business.


If you have tests done, please organise a follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss your results and further management.

  • Urgent Results: Our practice will try to contact you via a phone call to make an urgent appointment. If we cannot reach you, we will try again and send you a letter to your address to make an urgent appointment.
  • Non-Urgent Results: Our Practice will try to contact you via text message using our third party Hot Doc to make an non-urgent appointment. If you do not make an appointment, we will send you a letter to your address to make an non-urgent appointment.
  • Normal Results: If your results are normal, we will not contact you. You are welcome to phone the clinic to speak to our nurse on duty to see if your results have come in. Due to privacy and confidentiality reasons, results are not to be given over the phone. If you prefer to follow up with your doctor regardless of the result, you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your results.

Patients are contacted for recalls and reminders by our practice nurse.

Phone Consultations

As of the 1st of November, we will no longer be offering phone consultations to patients for repeat prescriptions, referrals, results or a general consultation. Patients must be COVID Positive in order for us to offer a telehealth consultation. If it is deemed urgent and the doctor has approved for a phone consultation after 1st November, please be aware that there will be a private charge.

Home Visits & Walk in Appointments

Our Doctors will advise staff if they are going to make a home visit to a patient if they are acutely ill, immobile or elderly, have no means of transport to the practice or if disabled access is poor. Home visits are made to regular patients who are known to the practice / doctor within 15 kilometre radius of the practice.

Our doctors prefer that patients book an appointment and not walk in, however if a child is really ill or the patient has sustained an injury on the day and walks in to be seen, we will ensure that a doctor onsite is able to see the patient in-between their other patients already booked.

Confidentiality Policy

Your medical information is confidential; however, we on occasion forward certain medical information to other medical organisations (i.e. Immunisation Register, Specialists). All information is handled according to the current state legislation. The Privacy Amendment Act and the Australia Privacy Policy Principles. Should you require any further information, please ask to speak to our Practice Manager.

Patient Health Information

In order to maintain confidentiality and to avoid delays, it is our practice policy to not interrupt the doctors during consultations, except for in the event of a medical emergency. We will however take a message and notify your doctor at the next available time depending on the urgency. We do encourage patients to book an appointment for repeat prescriptions, referrals and investigation results.